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How to get loans for Italian Post Employees

How post office 2017 loans work

There are many circumstances that can lead to a request for funding. However, it is very difficult to find a product that reconciles convenience, transparent repayment conditions and sustainability of the repayment during the entire amortization plan. Among the most competitive solutions we find Social Institute loans for post office employees. What do they offer, what are the entry requirements and for what circumstances can they be requested? Let’s examine all the solutions. allthingsfrench.net for more.

Loans for post office employees

The Social Institute loans for post office employees are divided into two proposals. The Small Loan Management Fund Poste is a product characterized by a refund on the sale of the fifth with repayment on 12, 24, 36 or 48 months. The sums granted instead start from a minimum of one monthly salary but can increase up to eight.

This is a credit line addressed to employees of post office and associated companies. A specific requirement must be met: have at least two years of service seniority. Among the advantages we find the opportunity not to provide any reason at the time of the request.

The small loan

The interest rate is very convenient, in fact we find a Taeg which corresponds to 5%. Let’s move on to the loan application. The request must be sent using the form, to which various documents must be attached:

  • copy of the last paycheck
  • salary certificate;
  • photocopy of identity document.

Multi-year financing

The multi-year Loan for Funds Management is also a loan on the sale of the fifth, but in this case the duration options are two: five or ten years.

The beneficiaries are the same as for the Small Loan, but the applicant must be able to count on four years of tenure. Furthermore, the application can only be sent on condition that the purpose is one of those foreseen by the regulation. The installment is calculated in the light of a Taeg of 3.50%.

How to submit the application? Several attachments must be added to the request form:

  • salary certificate;
  • copy of the last paycheck;
  • copy of a valid identity document;
  • certified copy of the originals;
  • self-certification of family status;
  • certificate of good health;
  • documentation required by the regulation for any reason.

The request for Social Institute loans for long-term Poste employees must be sent by post to the address: Social Institute Central Credit and Welfare Department – Credit Performance Area – Via Aldo Ballarin, 42 – 00142 Rome.

Renewal of multi-year loans

It is possible to renew five-year and ten-year loans with loans of the same duration provided that two or four years have elapsed since the start of the amortization plan respectively. However, in the event that the applicant wishes to renew a five-year loan with a ten-year loan, it is not necessary to wait for two years to pass.

We also remind you that those with a five-year or ten-year loan can apply for a small loan. Funding which will however be disbursed to a lesser extent.

In other words, you can get:

  • annual loans with an amount equal to one month;
  • biennial loans with an amount equal to two months;
  • three-year loans with an amount equal to three months;
  • four-year loans with an amount equal to four months. 

Early repayment of loans

When is it possible to carry out the early repayment of Social Institute loans for post office employees? For small loans, early repayment is possible at any time, while for multi-year loans, a minimum period of time must have elapsed.

Specifically, for five-year loans, early repayment is possible after two years from the start of the repayment plan while for ten-year loans, at least four years must be waited.

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